ISLAMABAD (Online) - At least 314 internally displaced persons have been treated at a field hospital set up in Tehsil Pabbi by the administration of Federal Government Services Hospital (Polyclinic). This was stated by Executive Director of the Polyclinic hospital, Dr Shaukat Hameed Kiyani while addressing a press conference here on Tuesday. He said the field hospital has 45 expert doctors and all other medical facilities. Dr Shaukat said that the administration of Polyclinic had established 60-bed field hospital for the provision of medical facilities in Pabbi Tehsil headquarters four days ago, during which 314 patients were treated. He said 45 medical members team, including eight medical specialists, four medical officers, four female medical officers, surgeons, psychiatrist, dental surgeon and paramedical staff were working day and night. The Executive Director said that during the last four days drugs of 750, 000 rupees were provided to the patients, adding the hospital has also the facility of operation. He said that about 140 patients visit the hospital daily and are being provided full medical facilities, adding the hospital would be expanded to 80 beds, while team comprising doctors and nurses would replace the team after every seven days. Shaukat Hameed said that there was a need of more doctors and drugs for the displaced persons and urged all the defence organisations to cooperate with the government and hospitals in this regard. He said that no disease has been broken out in the camps despite high temperature so far. He said ambulances are available in our field hospital in Pabbi through which serious patients would be shifted to hospitals.