Fully recognising The Nation's reputation as one of the most privileged newspaper in Pakistan, I have been appreciating you articles and editorials as valued sources of information and journalistic views and opinions representing your country. This morning, however, it has come to my attention that your editorial dealing with the issue of North Korea's nuclear test hardly holds truth. The editorial stated that: "The North Korean nuclear weapons is meant for general defence in a generally dangerous neighbourhood, but is specifically focused on South Korean forces, backed by US forces." (May 26, 2009) Nothing can be further from the truth in describing the nature of North Korea's nuclear weapon development programme as defensive. How can it be justified as defensive when South Korea, the main target of North Korea's nuclear weapon as was pointed out in your editorial, is free of nuclear weapons in any kind. It is commonly shared view of international community that North Korea's attempt to develop and possess nuclear weapons will nothing but aggravate regional security environment by triggering counter action of other countries in the region. The only way to promote regional peace and security is to achieve the goal of making the Korean Peninsular free of nuclear weapon as was agreed upon by the two Koreas at the time of 1991 Joint Declaration of the Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. In this regard, it will be highly appreciated if more objective and balanced observation can be made on the issue of North Korea's nuclear weapon development programme. The basic position of the South Korean Government on North Korea's second nuclear test is attached herewith for your kind information. The Embassy will be available for further discussion with your staff on this matter should request be made.-CHANGHEE LEE, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Republic of Korea, Islamabad, May 26.