At least 22 passengers were killed including 2 Pakistanis and 9 Indians and 17 sustained injuries when a bus collided with a parked truck at Wadi Dawasir, about 400 km away from the capital. The SAPTCO said the bus, traveling from Riyadh to the southwestern city of Khamis Mushayt, was carrying 15 Indians, eight Saudis, seven Pakistanis, four Bangladeshis, two Yemenis, two Syrians and one Egyptian. The bus caught fire, trapping many passengers inside. The bodies were taken to local hospitals in Sulay, Aflaj and Wadi Dawasir. Injured passengers were taken to hospital in Sulay. Officials identified the 17 survivors as eight Indians, three Saudis, three Pakistanis, two Bangladeshis and a Syrian. The dead bodies have been shifted to mortuary. Amongst the killed are including Muhammad Deen Khan, Sardar Ali, Noshad Ali, Arshad Ali, Muhammad Chungaiz, Kabeer, Shakeel Ahmad, Muhammad Taufeeque, Sagheer Ali, Baig Khan, Abbu Saeed and Anwar Nabbi. Amongst the injured are including Riaz Ali Ali Khan, Mazhar Khan Syed Azam and Mela Nor belonging to Pakistan while, Anis Mehboob, Balakar G, Sagheer Ali, Muhammad Anzar, K Foonklarash and Shamim Aafandi Ansari belonging to India.