ISLAMABAD The deadlock on enforcement of Value Added Tax persists, as the federal government could not bring round the provinces on modus operandi for its implementation and collection mechanism. The matter was deferred for the time being with the directives of PM Gilani to his Advisor on Finance to thrash out the differences on the matter with the provinces. Sources aware of the deliberations of the meeting of all the four chief ministers with the PM on Wednesday but the deadlock over the modus operandi for VAT implementation could not be resolved. The sources further said that now it was most likely that the Government of Pakistan would fail to meet the IMF deadline of July 1 for the implementation of VAT as after evolving consensus among the provinces the same would be passed through the mills of legislation at the Parliament. The sources further informed that after Sindh, the Chief Minister Punjab and his team had taken the same stance that the collection of VAT should rest with the provinces and the stake of Federal Government on collection of the tax was not justified. The sources further said that the PM after the meeting directed his Advisor on Finance to hold meetings with the Chief Ministers separately and evolve some mechanism. To a question the sources said that there was no dispute on the implementation of VAT and the concerns of the provinces were regarding the modus operandi and collection mechanism. Sources said that Sindh and Punjab had raised serious objections over the Federal Govts stake on VAT collection and argued that it was against the spirit of newly signed NFC Award and the 18th Amendment wherein the tax collection was given in the purview of the provinces. Sources stated that till the time of implementation of VAT the GST would remain intact.