LAHORE - The plains of Sindh and Punjab including the City is experiencing unprecedented rise in the mercury level, breaking all previous records of high temperature for the month of May at a number of places. The maximum temperature is 2-5 degree Celsius above normal level in various parts of Sindh and Punjab, increasing the intensity of heat wave while hours long unscheduled loadshedding adding to the woes and miseries of the citizens. According to the experts, below normal monsoon and winter rains and scarcity of rainfall in the plains during the last couple of months caused early onset of summer by gradually increasing the mercury level. Unusual rise in the mercury level has broken previous records of high temperature for the month of May at a number of places in the country including Moen-Jo-daro, Padidan Khan, Nawabshah, Rohri, Rahim Yar Khan, Okara, Noorpur Thal, Jacobabad and Bahawalpur. On May 25, maximum temperature in Padidan Khan touched 51.5 C, in Rohri 50.5 C, Rahim Yar Khan 50.1 C, Okara 47 C, Jacobabad 52 C and in Bahawalpur 48 C, surpassing respective previous record of 51 C, 49 C, 49.5 C, 45 C, 51.9 C and 46.5 C. On May 26, maximum temperature in Nawabshah rose as high as 52 C, breaking previous record of 49.5 C. On Wednesday, maximum temperature in Moen-Jo-daro touched 53.5 C and in Noorpur Thal 50.5 C, breaking previous respective records of 51.3 C and 46 C. In Lahore, maximum temperature rose as high as 47 C, making Wednesday the hottest day of the current summer. In Lahore, the average maximum temperature of 26 days of current May is 40.8 degree Celsius as against normal average temperature of 38.6 C. The persistent high temperature is causing considerable decrease in traffic on City roads as the Lahorites avoiding unnecessarily coming out of their houses. Average minimum temperature of 26 days of this May is 27.2 C as against normal average temperature of 23.8 C. Above normal minimum temperature has made nights warmer, increasing use of air conditioners in houses. Experts have predicted more harsh weather conditions during the remaining days of May as no significant rain was approaching the country. Scarcity of rains and abundance of sunshine has caused gradual increase in the mercury level. Average maximum temperature during the current May is over 2 C above normal level that has enhanced intensity of heat wave. People should take extra care to avoid sunstroke. Special attention should be given to elderly people and children, said Chief Meteorologist Hazrat Mir, adding, the people in plains would get hardly any respite from the heat wave as no significant rain giving system was approaching the country during the remaining days of the current May. On Wednesday, Lahore canal as usual attracted a large number of people including women and children at noon and in the afternoon. Not only youths but also elderly people were seen beating the heat by taking a dip in the mud colour canal water. At some places, even women were seen taking a bath in the canal water. According to the experts, a westerly wave is likely to affect extreme upper parts of the country. On Wednesday, maximum and minimum temperature in the City was recorded 47 C and 30 C respectively. Relative humidity in the morning was recorded 18 percent, which decreased to 10 percent in the evening. Local meteorological department has forecast mainly hot and dry weather for most parts of the country including the City during the next 24 hours. However, dust raising winds and light rains are predicted at isolated places of Gilgit-Baltistan and Kashmir and Hazara, Malakand and Rawalpindi divisions.