ISLAMABAD (APP) The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the National Assembly on Wednesday expressed its deep concern over the provision of more than one plot to senior bureaucrats and officials in other departments as well. The meeting held here at Parliament House with Ch Nisar Ali Khan in the chair, reviewed audit report of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture for 2008-09. The meeting was briefed that PASSCO management had purchased residential plots worth Rs415.674 million in Lahore without any justification. Ch Nisar expressed surprise over plot culture in the country and said that he had visited almost all parts of the world and nowhere people have lust for plots as it is in our country. He was of the view that plot system must be institutionalized and there must be uniform policy for the provision of plots. Ch Nisar maintained that plot culture leads to serious implications and govt should intervene in the matter to bring uniformity in the system. He asked the relevant Principal Accounting Officer to make recoveries and present its report before the committee within a month. The PAC was briefed that PASSCO first exported wheat and subsequently imported wheat causing great losses to the national exchequer due to bad policies of MINFA caused a loss of Rs25 billion. The loss was due to non-maintenance of strategic reserves by PASSCO management. The PAC issued directions to provide complete record of the import and export during 2005 before the committee within two weeks. The meeting was also informed that the national exchequer also had to bear a loss of Rs763.954m due to extra expenditure on purchase of Black Grams at higher rates. The PAC referred back the audit para to DAC for further consideration and gave its deliberations.