Heavy flooding in Indus River is posing a threat to Gomal University and nearby villages while four villages have already submerged After the outbreak of water from Attaabad, Hunza Lake apprehensions of huge flood are there in Indus River. The flooding in Indus River in Dera Ismail Khan and its Tehsil Perwa has increased the water flow and so far Four villages Johk Ladho, Johk Katwali, Johk Tahir, Johk Aiser and Johk Traili have come under flood. Now due to fast flowing water the Land of Gomal University and the adjacent villages are also in severe danger of this catastrophe. The inhabitants of flooded areas have started shifting to safer areas by themselves. The affectees have alleged that the administration of irrigation department and flood relief department have not visited the affected areas. Due to this the affectees have expressed their anger against the administration while after out-break of water from Hunza Lake and severe cyclone in river Sindh has indicated a situation of flood.