ISLAMABAD (AFP) - Pakistan unblocked popular video sharing website YouTube late Wednesday after banning it in the wake of public outrage over blasphemous content. YouTube has been unblocked, but the links to sacrilegious content would remain inaccessible in Pakistan, Khurram Mehran, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) told AFP. Meanwhile, Interior Minister Rehman Malik said Pakistan was to lift a ban on Facebook and YouTube in the next few days. The PTA banned access to Facebook and YouTube and other links, and restricted access to Wikipedia, last week over what it called growing sacrilegious content. Malik said Wednesday pages containing blasphemous material would remain blocked but the ban on popular sites including Facebook and YouTube would be lifted in the next few days. We discussed this matter in the cabinet meeting today. I told my colleagues that blocking the websites was not the right thing, Malik told AFP. I said that only particular pages that contain blasphemous material should be blocked, not the entire website, said Malik, adding that in next few days both Facebook and YouTube would be unblocked. A government statement later said the Federal Cabinet strongly condemned the profane sketches and ordered that such material should not be accessible in Pakistan over the Internet. The Cabinet strongly condemned the blasphemous caricatures on a specific website and directed the Ministry of IT (Information Technology) to ensure that such blasphemous material is not allowed to appear on the Internet in Pakistan.