ISLAMABAD Supreme Court on Wednesday rebuked National Accountability Bureau (NAB) over its lax attitude in taking appropriate action against the accused of the BoP Scam for the recovery of huge money from their possession; including its own Prosecutor General Irfan Qadir, Sheikh Nisar Ahmad and other eminent lawyers like Babar Awan. The apex court directed Deputy Prosecutor General NAB Raja Amir Abbas to inform the Court about the new strategy adopted for the recovery of looted money, as in light of Sheikh Afzals statement, the new Prosecutor General and other eminent lawyers were involved in Rs 9 billion Bank of Punjab fraud case. When the NAB investigating officers could not give satisfactory answer, Chief Justice said it seemed as if the NAB officials had lost their interest in the case, and it was due to some pressure that they were intentionally delaying action against the influential accused. Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, heading a three-judge bench, remarked that it seemed that the court was only interested in the recovery of the looted public money. The Chief Justice said categorically that the case would be assigned to some other investigating agency, which would probe in the case and investigate the NAB officials. He said that the NAB officers were not honestly pursuing the case. Justice Ramday said, Anyone who is sentenced by the court gets higher position in the Government. It seemed that everyone in the state machinery was protecting the thieves, and it was only the Supreme Courts responsibility to nab the thieves. On the inquiry of the court, Raja Amir told that President had appointed the Prosecutor General NAB on the advice of NAB Chairman. The NAB submitted the statements of Sheikh Mohammad Afzal, owner of Haris Steel Mills, and other witnesses regarding fees and alleged transfer of illegal gains to various lawyers and other private persons. According to Sheikh Afzal, he paid Rs 1 million to Irfan Qadir, the incumbent Prosecutor General NAB, to file writ petition against the proceedings of NAB. When Mr. Qadir failed to get relief from LHC, he later suggested him to engage a team of lawyers comprising Waseem Sajjad and Sharif Uddin Pirzada, who could influence the court. Sheikh Afzal in the statement said that he paid Rs 2 million to Waseem Sajjad and Rs 10 million to Pirzada. Besides, when the NAB raided Sheikh Afzals office with the consent of Irfan Qadir,Sheikh then hired the services of Babar Awan and paid Rs 3.5 million as legal fee, Rs 3.5 million to Mohsin Naqvi, a journalist, and Rs 10 million to Malik Qayyum, the then Attorney General. Malik Qayyum assured him that as he knew all the judges in LHC, therefore his problem would be solved, he added. Raja Amir said that they had sent a reference against the lawyers mentioned in the report to the Pakistan Bar Council. He said Sheikh Nisar owed the bank Rs 530 million, and had real state worth Rs 200 million. Khawaja Harris requested the bench to direct Accountability Court to expeditiously dispose of their application, which had been lying for the last six months. NAB in its statement said that Sheikh Nisar was still at large within the country. Justice Ramday in his remarks said those taping our phones should first trace out Sheikh Nisar. Director NAB in reply said that they did not have technical facility of taping phone and IB had been approached for that purpose. After this, the case was adjourned until today.