NEW YORK - The US Muslims are planning to build a mosque and a 13 storey Islamic centre on the ground adjacent to the place where the incident of destruction of twin tower had taken place. This ground is known as Ground Zero today. But the prejudiced and biased community of New York has become a hindrance in starting of work on this $100 million project. The opponents are taking the construction of an Islamic centre at the place where incident of 9/11 had taken place, as a disgrace as they allege the Muslims being responsible for the same. Being greatly disgusted and enraged, they dont hesitate declaring the proposed centre as a 'mosque of the terrorists. The Muslim community had filed a suit in the court in this regard, which was decided in favour of the Muslims. It was held that stopping the construction of an Islamic centre at this place had no legal justification, as a Christian Church and a Jewish temple were also present in the same locality.