The Pakistan defence budget, we are told, is likely to be increased by at least Rs. 130 billion although that would mainly contribute to an increase in salaries or expense on operational requirements. Some may say that the increase is a necessity but we all know that it is going to be at the cost of cuts in allocations for education, health and poverty alleviation. The democratic government may have been correct in its approach for controlling law and order for a short time by employing the military but the thing to remember is that it is just one of the tools to overcome this sort of crises. The civil administration and the political system has to, eventually, fill the vacuum. It is my candid opinion, the government has taken no concrete step in this direction in the last two years. There is a need to re-validate our approach to solving this menace of terrorism and directing more efforts towards betterment of the lot of our people. Better education and a higher literacy would help us overcome this problem better. This money we are putting in the basket of defence would serve us better if we allocate it for socially more rewarding disciplines such as education and health which create jobs, enlightenment and a better sense of being for the populace. -NAZLI AZIZ, Rawalpindi, May 26.