LONDON - A manhunt has been launched in Pakistan after the relatives of three members of the British family murdered in Gujrat claimed that Punjab Police allowed two of the alleged killers to escape by releasing them. Naveed and Shiraz Arif who are accused of shooting Mohammed Yousaf, his wife Parvaiz and daughter Tania, of Britains city of Nelson while praying in a cemetery failed to turn up to the court the other day. Police were due to take them into custody on Sunday - at the end of the mourning period - but now the men have gone missing and the relatives who acted as guarantors have admitted they are unable to deliver them to the authorities. Furious members of the murdered Yousaf family said the police had put lives at risk by delaying the detention of suspected murderers. They were allowed to come to the funeral of their brother but now they have legged it and it is putting us all in great danger, said a nephew of Mr Yousaf, who did not want to be named. Police should have been watching these guys 24-7 so they could bring them in straight away. About 70 relatives of the Yousaf family are in Pakistan. Police have provided armed guards to allay fears of further attacks. Tariq Abbas Qureshi, the local police chief, admitted his officers had arrested the two men but then been forced to release them on the orders of a court. We will arrest them soon, he said. We know where they are and are tracking them by their mobile phones. Police believe the three gunmen, one of whom was killed during the attack, were seeking revenge on behalf of their sister who is being divorced. She was married to Mr Yousafs son, Qamar. The couple, who were cousins, married around 10 years ago and had two daughters. It has emerged that the mother of three of the gunmen has been arrested for issuing death threats against the extended Yousaf family. She was issuing threats against the victims family and was inciting her children to finish the job, Mr Qureshi said. He announced their mother, who is also Pervaizs sister, would be put on trial once the murder investigation had been completed. The Yousaf family had been in Pakistan for another sons wedding when a bitter family feud spilled into violence. They were shot as they visited a graveyard to pray at a village near Gujrat. Yousaf family relative Eileen Ansar said the surviving family were living in fear the missing gunman would strike again. The family currently have police protection at the house and the British HC in Islamabad has also offered them help and support. She said the family had been told by the police they had lost all contact with the arrested men. Two other men are also wanted in connection with the shooting. According to the sources, Pakistan mission in the UK has also asked the Govt of Pakistan and the Govt of Punjab to take abrupt and stern action against the accused.