LAHORE - Nazria Pakistan Trust (NPT) Chairman and Editor-in-Chief The Nation Majid Nizami has said that Muslims were treated as untouchables in India despite the fact that they ruled the Subcontinent for a thousand years. He said that the US would not be able to harbour India always, adding that one day India would have to face the consequences of what it was doing to Muslims and other religious minorities. He underscored the need for unity between Muslims and untouchables of India against the Brahmans domination. He was addressing a special sitting at the Aiwan-e-Karkunan Tehreek-e-Pakistan held to discuss the conditions of untouchables in India here on Wednesday. Editor Dalat Voice Bangalore VT Rajshekhar was the chief guest on the occasion while Prof Dr Raju Thomas, Principal Saint Annes College of Management Studies Kerala, and NPT Vice-Chairman Dr Rafique Ahmed were among others intellectuals who participated in the programme. He said that the Indian Army formed Mukti Bahn to create Bangladesh, and now Pakistan should collaborate with Indian untouchables to exact revenge on India for its role in the break-up of East part of Pakistan. Nizami was confident that an atomic Pakistan was enough strong to defeat India. He said that unity among both was need of the hour to get rid of Indian atrocities. Speaking on the occasion, VT Raj said that Brahmans are five per cent of the total population in India, but they are dominating the rest, especially the minorities. They have their hold on education, film, media, economy and trade sectors of India. He said that the government and people of Pakistan were not responsible for Mumbai attacks. The reason behind unity and political stability in India was because it was misleading its people by frightening them of Pakistan hostility while in fact Brahmans were the real enemies of their people, he maintained. He said some sections of media were also deluding people and making propaganda in the name of Amn Ki Aasha. He said business interests were behind the 'adventures of Amn Ki Aasha and added that the seminars arranged in the name of Pak-India friendship were nothing but mere musical shows and useless activities. He said Jews and Brahmans had identical traits in hatching conspiracies against others particularly Muslims. Their objectives are common. He said the Jews were behind the beginning of the 1st and 2nd World wars and now they were formulating conspiracies to start the Third World War. Answering a question, he said Muslims and untoucha-bles were living as brothers in India, but some time Brahmans set conspiracies, which caused clash between them. On another question, he said though the untouchables had not a proper vision and awareness, but, he hoped, that soon they would realise the truth and recognize the cruelties of upper caste Brahmans. Dr Rafique Ahmed said that Brahman Hindus and Jews were leading world towards destruction and the need was to aware people about their nefarious designs