KARACHI - The Anti-Corruption Establishment Sindh (ACE) has allegedly 'under political pressure transferred its key officials, some them are said to have been carrying a probe into high profile corruption cases here in the province, The Nation has learnt. A high place source in the ACE informed that DSP Ali Jan Bhayo, Inspector Jabbar Awan, Inspector Zulfiqar Murry, Sub-Inspector Nazir Sheikh and ASI Ahmed Qabolio had been suspended who were probing some high profile corruption cases. Whenever an honest officer tries to apprehend any corruption accused, influential hands from other government departments and politicians become hurdles in the establishments way, he lamented, adding that such practices had made the ACE a use-less institution. He said that on the other hand, the most honest and dedicated officers of the ACE Including Inspector Rao Aamir, Inspector Niaz Gujjar, Inspector Haq Nawaz, Sub-Inspector Faizan Ahmed and Sub-Inspector Jafar Raza ahd also been transferred to Division because they conducting inquiries into corruption cases in which involved some high profile people. The source further elaborated that the ACE had to conduct a raid in the presence of Magistrate that was why an FIR against any culprits launched immediately. He said, How can we release the culprits, if FIRs have been registered against them, adding the it was shame full that majority of the culprits had political relations or background and just after the arrest these contacts started exerting political pressure on the officials concerned. He said when any officer refused to bow political pressure, he doomed to face the music like transfer or suspension. He cited the example of one case 'Farzana Royal Citys plotting case. He narrated that Sub-Inspector Nazir Sheikh unearth the case that involved millions rupees corruption, adding that it was basically a property case in which the culprits used to sell the government land after plotting. However the ACE dug out the corruption and arrested the accused but unfortunately due to political pressure, the case swept under the carpet and Nazir was suspended, he informed.