LAHORE After the government has failed to address misery of the people, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has decided to mobilise the masses to bring them on the road against the government and its policies, said PTI Punjab President Ahsan Rashid while speaking at The Nation Forum here on Wednesday. Rashid viewed the mid-election as important, saying only snap polls could avert bloody revolution in the country. He called for the appointment of an independent election commission and electoral reforms and inclusion of everyone in the voters list who is 18 years or beyond that. He picked many holes in the voters lists which he said, based on 1998 census hence missed a huge number of voters who had reached 18 years of age and were still deprived of their right to franchise. The PTI, he added, had proposed to NADRA for enlisting everyone as voter as soon as he/she reached 18 years of age. Ahsan Ras-hid said that they would move the Supreme Court if their demand was not met. Describing the government failed, he said Pakistan today was the 10th most unsuccessful state of the total 200 around the world. The government expenditure, he said, are Rs 2400 billion against the income of Rs 1600 billion hence the rulers would now roam about the world carrying begging bowl to seek money to fill in the deficit of Rs 800 billion th-ereby brining bad name to the country. He said frie-nds of Pakistan pledged billions of dollars but did not give a penny to the government and the country had to bank on the IMF for loans. He said the country needed Rs 800 billion every year to pay IMF as debt servicing for which the government was blindly printing notes giving rise to already high inflation. He foresaw more problems to the masses in the years to come and added, the government was going to impose Value Added Tax, which means more price-hike and public problems. 'Transporters demands to be fulfilled' The Punjab government will resolve the genuine demands of the transporters and all possible assistance will be extended to them. This was assured by Provincial Secretary Transport to a delegation of Pakistan Motor Transport Federation led by senior vice president Haji Naseer Ahmad Butt, which met him to present its demands for increasing fares of inter-city public transport in view of the increase in fuel prices. Secretary Transport assured the delegation to consider their demands and sending the proposals in this regard to the higher authorities. He said a meeting of Federation delegation with Minister Transport will be arranged in this regard.