LAHORE - The Punjab Education Department (Schools) has levied tuition fee of Rs 20 under the Faroogh-e-Taleem Fund (FTF) till matriculation. However, the students will not be dropped from the enrolment register for the shortage of payment of fund. Initially, the FTF was imposed on 15 per cent schools in all the districts which were converted to English medium. Recently the FTF has been extended to entire schools in Lahore, Faisalabad and Multan districts. Previously, the students of class 4 and 5 in government schools were required to pay a nominal fee of Rs 1, class 7th and 8th Rs 5, class 9th and 10th Rs 7 tuition fee per month. This rate has been replaced by Rs 20 across the board to all classes where English medium was introduced last year. The conversion into English medium encouraged hundreds of parents to send their children to government schools who could not afford Rs 200 and above tuition fee for their children in private schools. The FTF has also created new problems for school administrations. As it is discretionary, sixty per cent children do not pay the fund partly on the plea that they cannot afford and partly because non-payment will not worry them, as there will be no name pluck. The parents say that the government is providing textbooks free of cost up to class 10 on one hand and levying tuition fee on the other, thus making secondary education cost-effective. Moreover, school administrations are receiving lump sum amount in the name of fund. They have received Rs 100 from the students for five months of summer vacation ie, April to August while the government has prohibited private schools to receive lump sum tuition fee for the summer vacation. Thus there is contradictory stand viz-a-viz tuition fee in government and private schools.