The nation was in state of acute depression over Talibans unchecked advances in Swat and South Waziristan but the big hearted struggle by the Pukhtoonkhwah government, federal government, Parliament and the Armed Forces of Pakistan has given peace a chance. It was good that the government did not come under American pressure and go berserk in the zeal for operation. It did let the peace deal reach its logical end. It was generally understood by all that the Taliban were not for Shariah or any other exalted objective but merely playing in our enemies hands. In the early phase, the Army action probably did not have much public support and even concession of agreeing to the demand for Nizam-e-Adl was considered a weakness of the government. But with the passage of time and increasing Taliban brutalities, the people and media got convinced that the Taliban were merely playing for time and had every intention of betraying the government. That enough restraint had been shown by the government as well as the Army eventually gave us the moral victory which was necessary to create support for decisive military action against the militants. The US is again demanding now that we go for military action in the North Waziristan Agency. A cross section of local population, media and experts are also demanding the same. The government and the military agree in principle about launching a similar, comprehensive action against the terrorists. Again, it is being suggested that the wiser course to take would be to launch the operation not immediately under American pressure but at a time of our own choosing. The government and the security forces are, thus, asking Haji Gul Bahadur and others to enter into a deal with them to expel the Al-Qaeda terrorists and foreign elements from the area. In an intriguing development, Haji Gul Bahadur has reportedly allowed Hakimullah Mehsud and his followers to leave North Waziristan and go back to South Waziristan. There are reports also that on the Afghan side, some check posts have been withdrawn again. An American offensive in Kandhar is also said to be in the offing. This would obviously make the action of Pakistani forces in NWA more significant. The trick is not to go for this kind of action in haste just because the Kandahar offensive needs to be supported. Holding talks with Taliban should not be ruled out. We have to secure our defence line. -SHER KHAN, Nowshera, May 25.