For how long would the political stakeholders of Karachi keep doing politics on the blood of innocents and keep shifting the responsibility on others? If some fabled 'land mafia or 'drug mafia is responsible for these massacres as being always proclaimed by the political players, then whose fault is it that these mafias have not been nabbed yet? The manner in which the violence systematically begins from one part and spreads to the whole city, with men coming out on motor cycles, killing women, children and elderly and then managing to escape without being apprehended says something about complicity of those who control the city. The electronic media has shown the land mafia live on our screens whenever their thugs have attempted to forcefully occupy prime real estate in Mai Kolachi belonging to KPT. Ditto the occupation of land adjacent to the Civic Centre on Shahra-e-Faisal and scores of other illegal occupations. But more than half the illegal marriage halls in this city are owned by 'political activists. The police has stood by while these illegal occupations were taking place. The matter has been widely reported in the print media, along with names of prominent members of the major political stakeholders of this city. Have we forgotten the manner in which over 350 houses and plots located at prime locations and belonging to the federal government, worth over a trillion rupees believe it or not, were allotted illegally to blue eyed activists of the party that controlled the city government during the Musharraf rule. Remember the fate of 55 acres prime real estate allocated for construction of a public amenity called the Kidney Hill Park which was forcefully occupied by another prominent member of this 'land mafia. In this instance it was the local government which handed over 33 acres to the individual who, coincidentally, was nominated the CEO of Pakistans national airline by the present regime. If the land or drug mafia is responsible for these cyclic killings every three or six months, than how come peace is restored temporarily whenever the Interior Minister hops over to London or Peshawar? -ANEELA CHANDIO, Sukkur, May 24.