ISLAMABAD Some United Nations agencies have started arranging provisions of humanitarian assistance for Hunza IDPs out of their own resources after the mighty donors have given a cold shoulder to the prevailing catastrophe. Apart from the 'peanut donations offered by some government bodies and NGOs, none of credible donor state or agency, till date, has announced any substantial aid for the internally displaced people of Hunza. The only considerable donor pledge that is likely to be materialised in the coming days is the $100 million aid support from Saudi Arabia which was part of previous years humanitarian response plan and it would be adjusted under this years humanitarian aid solely specified for South Wazirisitans IDPs and those of related belt. Apart from that, the important UN agencies that have an instrumental role to play in humanitarian assistance related matters including United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) and United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) have not so far received any funds for Hunza crisis. The UNHCR on Wednesday dispatched over a dozen trucks carrying shelter kits and other relief items to Hunza while the UNICEF on Monday had sent similar kind of aid items to the same venue. Sources in both the agencies confided that funds for Hunza affectees were arranged 'indigenously from the teller of 'unspecified aid funds and 'not a single penny was received by any donor state or agency for Hunza cause. On the other hand, UNFPA is still consuming last years humanitarian funds as the agency stands entirely funds starved in the ongoing year. Sometime back, the Representative of UNFPA Pakistan Yu Yu had confirmed to TheNation that UNFPA was consuming last years funds that would be exhausted by the coming July and that the UN agency remained fund less this year against its $2m humanitarian appeal. The UNFPA cannot afford at all to allocate funds for any humanitarian cause when its own 'survival stands at stake in Pakistan. Moreover, the relief items that UNHCR and UNICEF had dispatched for Hunza IDPs do not exceed $0.3 million compared to over $30 million required for the complete rehabilitation of 27,000 to 30,000 IDPs in Hunza.