The United States has released $288 million to Pakistan for some of the costs incurred last year in military operations against Taliban militants, a U.S. embassy statement said. The funds are part of the Coalition Support Fund (CSF), a U.S. programme to reimburse countries that have incurred costs supporting counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency operations. Pakistan, a vital ally for the United States as it struggles to stabilise Afghanistan and end the global threat posed by al Qaeda and its allies, has been heavily burdened by the cost of battling Taliban insurgents along its Afghan border. "This is in addition to the more than $1.2 billion in reimbursements already transferred to Pakistan this year by the U.S. government under the Coalition Support Fund (CSF)," the statement, released late on Wednesday, said. The U.S. released $656 million earlier this month. Pakistan's central bank said on Thursday that it had not received the money yet. The United States has reimbursed Pakistan $7.4 billion under the CSF programme since 2001, the embassy said in a statement, adding that it has provided more than $11 billion to Pakistan in security assistance and CSF reimbursements, the statement said. Nuclear-armed Pakistan says the war on militancy had cost it $35 billion in the last eight years.