ISLAMABAD (APP) - The United States on Wednesday transferred $ 288 million to the Government of Pakistan to reimburse the country for some of the costs incurred while conducting counterinsurgency operations against violent extremists in 2009. This is in addition to the more than $ 1.2 billion in reimbursements already transferred to Pakistan this year by the US government under the Coalition Support Fund (CSF), a Press release issued by the US Embassy here said. The Coalition Support Fund was established by the United States in 2001 to support 27 nations, including Pakistan, for some of the costs they incur in the fight against extremist violence. According to the Press release, since 2001, the US has reimbursed Pakistan $ 7.4 billion for these costs. The last CSF reimbursements were delivered to Pakistan earlier this month and included $ 656 million for validated CSF claims received from Pakistan for the year 2009. Since 2001, the United States has provided more than $ 11 billion to Pakistan in security assistance and CSF reimbursements. During the last three years, the Press release said, specific security assistance provided includes 14 F-16 fighter aircraft, 10 Mi-17 and two Bell 412EP helicopters, 5 fast patrol boats, 115 Howitzer self propelled field artillery cannons, more than 450 vehicles for Pakistans Frontier Corps, hundreds of night vision goggles, day/night scopes, radios, and thousands of protective vests and first-aid items for Pakistans security forces. The US also provided training for more than 370 Pakistani military officers in a wide range of leadership and development programmes covering topics such as coounterterrorism, intelligence logistics, medical, flight safety, and military law.