ISLAMABAD - The countries buying gas under the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (Tapi) gas pipeline project are set to finalise gas pricing, transit fee and gas specification with the seller (Turkmenistan) during upcoming four-day meeting to be held in Manila on May 30. Pakistan, India and Afghanistan are all set to enter into an important negotiations regarding gas pricing, transit fee and gas specification in a four-day meeting scheduled to be held in Manila on May 30 this year, sources said, adding, The countries that will be buying gas under TAPI project by putting the differences aside over gas pricing formula have already reached an understanding on paying cost of gas, including profit, as proposed by Pakistan during a two-day meeting held in Afghanistan from May 17 to 18 and finalised three options relating to transit fee. During this meeting held in Afghanistan, three options relating to transit fee of gas were discussed, sources added. Five members Pakistani delegation would be headed by Rashid Bashir Mazari, Joint Secretary Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources (MoP&NR) is likely to participate in the upcoming meeting. Further, Pakistani delegation would include Afzal Chaudhry, Joint secretary (MoP&NR), Mubeen Solat Managing Director at Inter State Gas System (ISGS) and Kamran Bahadur GM (ISGS) to finalise the modalities relating with TAPI. Under the estimated $7.5 billion Tapi gas pipeline project, Pakistans share will be 1.35 billion cubic feet per day (cbfd) out of total 3.2 (bcfd) gas imports. Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA) and Gas Pipeline Framework Agreement (GSFA) have already been signed and four participating countries have targeted to sign Gas Sales Purchase Agreement (GSPA) by July 31 this year. Gas specification is likely to be finalised rest of two issues including gas pricing and transit fee might take another meeting, Zafar Qadir, a spokesman of Ministry of Petroleum and Natural resources while talking to TheNation said, adding, Buyer countries held a two-day meeting from May 17 to 18 in Afghanistan to finalise modalities on the gas pricing issue and transit fee to import gas from Turkmenistan, under the multi-billion dollar project. Pakistan is all set to get immediate finalisation on Tapi related issues only to meet the schedule in time as agreed among member countries, Zafar Qadir added. During Kabul meeting, the Pakistani side proposed that other buyer countries including Afghanistan and India pay cost of gas including profit to Turkmenistan that has been endorsed, a spokesperson from the Ministry of Petroleum said. He while confirming the agenda items informed that this formula would be nominated in the upcoming meeting. In a meeting to be held in Manila, gas pricing, transit fee and gas specification will be discussed with the seller, Turkmenistan, Qadir maintained. It is pertinent to mention that the buyers and seller countries earlier discussed the amount of transit fee and agreed that it should be fixed on transmission of gas from Turkmenistan. The second suggested linking transit fee with per kilometer length of gas pipeline, and the third considered linking transit fee with volume of gas to be consumed by each country. Under this formula, these countries would pay greater amounts, on account of transit fee over using more gas. Additionally, during talks held in February in Islamabad, Pakistan had proposed keeping 'uniform prices of imported gas, excluding transportation charges and transit fee for all countries, including Afghanistan and India. However, Turkmenistan wanted to link gas price with Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) or crude oil. It proposed to link base price of gas equal to LNG landed in Pakistan, to be adjusted after every three months at the Turkmenistan border meeting in April 2007. Pakistan and India had not agreed to the proposed formula.