It is claimed that the entry of the helicopters into Pakistani airspace and their onward journey to Abbottabad could not be detected because the helicopters had stealth capability. However, the US saboteurs spent forty minutes searching the house and collecting computers and various items, which they took with them and most certainly, they will forge and fabricate lot of additional 'evidence which they will claim they found in Abbottabad. Surely, they were not wearing the cloaks of invisibility while on the ground. Also, when getting back into the helicopters and taking off for their return journey, they would have been visible, but they were allowed to complete their assignment without any hindrance on our part. We could not shoot down the helicopters because that would be rude and could hurt someone but even the helicopter that met an accident, was treated as having been held by us in trust. And being good Muslims that we are, we have returned the wreckage to it to its rightful owner. Such is our cooperation and commitment but still the Americans do not value us. What an 'ungrateful lot they are? Earlier, we did the same with CIA saboteur Raymond Davis, who killed two Pakistanis in cold blood and caused other deaths indirectly. Even in that case, our cooperation had been excellent. We did not cause him too much inconvenience and let him leave the country while his passport was still reported to be in our custody and his name appeared on the exit control. Still the Americans complain we are not cooperating. And despite American officials making adverse, insulting and damaging comments about us and doing all they can to harm us physically, when they come here we accord them the utmost in cordiality and even a junior US official is treated by the highest of our officials as an equal, sometimes even more than equal.US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is supposed to be visiting us soon.I am sure she will be given a protocol fit fora head of state despite all that has happened and is happening, like dronestrikes that are continuing and attack on PNS Mehran base in which foreign involvement is suspected. People are really fed up with the conduct of most of our officials and politicians who bring so much embarrassment, ridicule and even harm to our country and its people. We expect a change for the better and sooner rather than later. S.R.H. HASHMI, Karachi, May 25.