LAHORE America, India and Israel are eyeing the nuclear assets of Pakistan, so a daring leadership is need of the hour to counter such conspiracies. These views were expressed by former DG Military Training General (r) Javaid, Editor TheNation Salim Bokhari and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Ijaz Khan while expressing their views at Waqt News programme Barwaqt here on Thursday. The programme was hosted by Salman Ghani. They were of the view that the US dictating Pakistan over starting a military operation in the North Waziristan tribal region, if Pakistan launched that operation then it would be a threat to integrity of the country. We should form our own policies regarding war against terrorism in order to maintain peace in the region they opined. While answering a question, General Javed said no need to worry about because Pakistan nuclear assets were in safe hands. He further said the America wanted to leave Afghanistan and yet they could not leave it. Editor TheNation Salim Bokhari while answering a query said that unfortunately the democracy in 2003 did nothing for the poor people of the country. He further maintained that five resolutions were passed in the Parliament but none of them was implemented. The Editor said if Pakistan launched an operation in the North Waziristan by following the US dictation than it would be dangerous for the unity of the country. It is not our war, but we are fighting on the behalf of America, he added. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Ijaz Khan said that a daring leader like Imran Khan is need of the hour to safe guard the nuclear assets of the country. Corrupt leaders should resign from their offices just for the sake of innocent people of the country, he opined.