LAHORE The representatives of associations of farmers, pesticides dealers, fertilizers dealers and agricultural machinery manufacturers on Thursday closed ranks with one another to fight the levy of RGST, claiming that it would increase production cost for one acre of any crop by Rs 4,000 with an added effect of 10 percent reduction in productivity. Giving their input to a meeting held at the Agriculture House here to assess the impact of RGST on agriculture, the participants were of the view that imposition of 15 per cent tax on agriculture machinery and implements would add to farmers woes. Minister for Agriculture Malik Ahmed Ali Aulakh chaired the meeting. If the RGST is slapped on the farming sector, the impact will be 29% on imports of agriculture products as per value-addition methods at each stage, the representatives of the farming community and agro-based industries said. They also pointed out that increase in agriculture inputs would compel the farming community to use less-than-required inputs, which will result in a huge negative impact on the yield. We reject the RGST on agriculture sector, as it will be damaging for the farmers and will further increase the input prices of fertilizers, pesticides and other important inputs, they said. The meeting was informed that RGST imposition has resulted a price hike of more than one million in tractors, whereas Rs 170 per bag in urea fertilizer and Rs 570 per bag of DAP fertilizer.