LAHORE (PPI) - The domestic generators prices have been increased manifold after continuous power loadshedding and hot summer season. The domestic generators prices have increased up to 25 per cent as compare to last year. According to a survey of Brandreth Road, the wholesale market of generators, industrial and agricultural machinery in city, there were a large range of generators for domestic customers. The mostly generators available in market are China made, while Japan made generators are also being sold but their demand was very low due to high prices. The different kinds of China-made power generators and their prices were as under: 500 watt Rs 7000, 2000 watt aluminium made Rs 20,000, copper made Rs 28,000, 2500 watt Rs 30,000, 5 Kilo Watt Rs 45,000 and 6 Kilo Watt Rs 50,000. These prices are high up to 25 percent compare to last year. Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry Executive Committee member and manufacturers of diesel engines at Brandreth Road SM Ashfaq said that power shortfall, widening parity between rupee and US dollar and taxes were the main reasons behind the sky rocketing prices of generators. He said 99 per cent generators are being imported from China and only one percent generators imported from Japan. He said there were certain reasons behind the high prices of generators including imposition of 15 pc flood relief tax, Federal Excise duty 2.5 per cent and income tax 6 percent on generators, while the local transporters were charging Rs 1,00,000 carriage charges for 20 feet containers between Karachi and Lahore. Sh Mubashir Ishfaq a whole sale dealer and importer of generators said that increasing the exchange rates of US dollar has also affected the generators prices in local market. He said there was no shortage of generators but some shopkeepers were creating artificial shortage and busy for overcharging in summer season. To a query, Mubashir said that generators were more durable against UPS for domestic purposes. Only if we can take care about the generators it can run life time but UPS life was only six months, so customers always prefer generators, he concluded.