SIALKOT - Gujranwala Regional Police Officer (RPO) Ahmad Mubarak Ahmad has stressed the need of changing the mindset for overcoming multi-pronged social and economic issues. At this critical juncture there is great need of bringing positive change in our thinking and morality for the development of a healthy society. Addressing the members of Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) here, The RPO said that the promotion of tolerance and decency were the key instruments for bringing radical changes in every sphere of life as well as bring the society on right track. We have failed to identify our real enemies in 63 years and if impartially analyzed the overall situation the illiteracy is our main enemy as a result of which the whole nation is suffering from socio-economic problems he said. Ahmad Mubarak further said that education always play a pivotal role in character building, decency and help promote moral values in the society. It is very unfortunate that there was a rapid decline in our moral values as a result of which the respect of elders and even parents had totally been vanished in the society he said. The Gujranwala RPO further said that in his opinion the dacoits and robbers are innocent because of maltreatment, ignorance of the society and parents and overall we are responsible for their misdeeds. There was a rapid economic growth and everybody was busy to earn more and more but we have overlooked our social responsibilities resultantly our moral values are lowest ebb and we all are responsible in this episode he said. The RPO Gujranwala said it is moral and religious duty of wealthy persons that they should concentrate on establishing educational institutions for ensuring education facilities for the poor segment of the society as well as philanthropists should patronize the poor children in obtaining education and this practice would help eliminate the menace of begging, domestic child labour and other social evils from the social order that supported in creating healthy and crime free society he said. On this occasion he assured the house all available resources were being mobilized to the elimination crime from Gujranwala region. In his address of welcome, President Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) Ghulam Mustafa Chaudhry said that tight security arrangements should made around Sialkot International airport while police patrolling should be intensified keeping in view the current law and order situation in the country. The SCCI President pointed out that the business community was facing serious hardship if their leased base vehicles stolen because police are reluctant in registering FIR.