KARACHI (AFP) - Security officials said Thursday they doubted a 17-hour terror siege on a strategic naval air base could have been possible without some kind of inside help. On Sunday, heavily armed militants stormed the naval base in Karachi, destroying two US-made surveillance planes and killing 10 personnel before officials announced the siege was over 17 hours later. The investigation team will question all those who were present at the time of the attack, a security official told AFP on condition of anonymity. The way the militants attacked means they had maps and were aware of all the directions inside the base, the official added. We suspect that someone inside the base helped them. We are collecting data about all the staff and will also examine their phone data. The navy on Wednesday removed the commander of the base, insisting it was a pre-planned transfer, but the military is under increasing domestic pressure to be held accountable over security lapses. We have recovered some technical gadgets which prove that they were very well trained, they had night vision goggles and were using wireless devices to communicate, another official told AFP. The siege has forced authorities to consider relocating the navys main air base in Karachi away from its current populated area, near the international airport. Online adds: Investigation agencies have found evidence of involvement of foreign elements in terrorist strike on PNS Mehran in Karachi as the report revealed that two militants were not circumcised. During the investigation, it has been exposed that the militants, who were killed by the security forces, they were not circumcised. It is clear indication that the terrorists were Hindus. However, it could not be identified that the other two militants were circumcised or not as they detonated themselves with bomb and their bodies turned into pieces. Sources termed it a big achievement to find the terrorists network soon. Sources said that now it is clear that the militants were not Muslims. Sources further revealed that the evidences regarding the circumcision has made it clear and proved the news that foreign hands were involved in PNS Mehran terrorist attack.