This is with reference to news about the gory incident of brutal killing of 5 Chechens. As the story is being unfolded by local people and some mobile video, shocking realities are coming to light. The pictures appeared in media show that women were shot from the opposite side, and the unfortunate ladies included a seven month pregnant. How these women were taken inside fence? It seems that security personnel had mala fide intentions and on refusal they opened indiscriminate fire on innocent foreigners. This shows the level of audacity and arrogance of those who are supposed to protect us from terror attacks. In fact, these people are crime vendors and their attitude at pickets is, all the time, very insulting to public, especially women. As the judicial proceedings are underway, it is hoped that this time the responsible killers will be dealt with an iron hand and given exemplary punishment so that in future no one dares to commit such heinous crime. IFTIKHAR SHAHEEN MIRZA, Islamabad, May 25.