ISLAMABAD - The government instead of working on the real issues in power sector has adopted the easiest way to decrease the gap in budget deficit by just increasing power tariffs. The government has recently increased power tariffs under fuel adjustment plan. According to it, if the prices of fuel increase and per unit cost will also increase. These effects can be minimised if there is no theft of electricity and the line losses are controlled. Power sector in Pakistan is suffering from record level line losses in different areas. Hyderabad Electric Supply is on the top with more than 30 per cent line losses and this figure is consistent or even has been increasing for the last many years. Secondly, Karachi Electric Supply Company is also facing around 30 per cent line losses and that figure is also not coming down despite all claims made by the authorities. Electricity theft is also a fashion in many areas and there is no one to stop it rather the employees of Wapda help the clients in stealing electricity. Overall line losses of the country are also around 20 per cent and that is big enough to destroy the whole energy sector of the country. The government also seems very obedient to International Monetary Funds instructions about the increase in power tariffs. It does nothing if IMF says that line losses have crossed the affordable limit and the government needs to control them as soon as possible. The sources said that in that case the department will have to work very hard and there must be some person who put the staff on work. However, the government increases power tariffs, transfers the load to masses. The sources said that 20 per cent line losses means that the masses have to pay extra 20 per cent in terms of tariffs. It means the innocent people are paying the bills of the thieves as well.