CHICAGO (Agencies) - An admitted American terrorist has told jurors that he knew very little about a man who he says was a Pakistani intelligence officer who helped him with the plot to attack Mumbai in 2008. David Coleman Headley is testifying in the trial of a Chicago businessman accused of cooperating in the deadly rampage on Indias largest city. Headley has already pleaded guilty laying the groundwork for the siege. Headley has said he worked with handlers from both a Pakistani militant group and the countrys main intelligence agency when he was scouting sites and doing surveillance in Mumbai ahead of the attacks. But when questioned by defence attorneys on Thursday, Headley said didnt know too much about the intelligence officer who he has called Major Iqbal. Headley says he didnt know the mans real name or where he is located. During the first day of cross-examination Wednesday, Ranas defense attorneys drew out details from Headleys past that included his dropping out of high school, admitted drug use and heroin smuggling conviction, and trying to join the militant Pakistani group Lashkar-e-Taiba while working as an informant for the Drug Enforcement Administration. Meanwhile, Headley testified that Rana was a top student, training to become a doctor and a strict Muslim who didnt drink alcohol. Dr. Rana is in medical school, and youre flying to Pakistan to be a drug smuggler? asked Rana defense attorney. Yes, Headley said. Rana and Headley met years ago at a boarding school in Pakistan and have stayed in touch.