CHINIOT Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has demanded a transparent inquiry into the Abbottabad incident and the attack on PNS Mehran. Addressing a public meeting here on Thursday, the chief minister said there was no harm in admitting if there were any mistakes made on part of the Army. He said that certain weaknesses (in defence) have come to light after the Abbottabad operation and attack on Mehran Base, and these must be investigated in a transparent manner. The chief minister said the Punjab government would provide maximum funds for government offices and development of districts. He said the Punjab government provided Rs500 million for upgradation and recruitment of staff, medicine and construction of new blocks and colony of DHQ Hospital. He also announced Rs100 million each for Bhuwana and Lalian. He announced that district complex will be established at Jhumra Road very soon. He said that China, Turkey and Iran are our great friends and we are thankful to them for providing technical and financial assistance in our developing projects. He said that Chiniot-Sargodha Road was constructed by our great friend China. He asked the Commissioner Faisalabad to solve the dispute between Jhang and Chiniot administration over the Chennab College Chiniot and establish a separate education trust for Chiniot. Agencies add: Shahbaz said enemies of the country want to disgrace the Pakistan Army and it was their effort to get access to our nuclear assets. He said the armed forces do not belong to any general or chief of navy or air force but to the people of Pakistan who would not bow down to anyone and were ready to offer their lives for the dignity of the country and the preservation of our nuclear programme. The CM said the souls of the people who sacrificed their lives for the country would be greatly perturbed over the recent happenings. The martyrs gave their lives to secure our future and making the country subservient to others for dollars would be a betrayal, he said, adding that it was time we say no to foreign aid and stand on our own feet. Those foreign powers who want to give us assistance actually want to reach to our nuclear assets, the CM said, issuing the enemies a warning that Pakistanis would let their necks cut but would not let anyone cast an evil eye on the nuclear assets.