KARACHI - Pakistan avoided the agony of wait and a tortuous path to 30th London Olympiad when they won the Asian Games at Guangzhou( China) last year to get direct entry in the 12-nation hockey event of the Games otherwise the former Olympic gold medallist would have to play one of the three qualifying round to reach the 2012 Olympiad which will be held July 27 to August 12. Great Britain being the host earned direct berth in the Olympics. The mens Olympic Hockey competitions will take place from 29 July to 11 August 2012. According to International Hockey Federation (FIH) rules, host country and the winner of five continental championships earn direct entry in the Olympics and the remaining six berths are distributed to winners through a number of competitions organised across the globe at venues and dates allotted by the FIH. Pakistan won Olympic berth by winning a continental competition in China. Eight times Olympic champions India which missed playing in last Beijing Olympics first time in its hockey history will have to appear in the six-team first qualifying round at home in coming February in the first of the three Olympic qualifying round. The second qualifying round will be held at Japan from April 25 to May 6, 2012 Kakamigahara ( Japan). The venue and the dates of the third qualifying round has not yet been finalized. In each of the three rounds six teams will appear and the winner will reach London. The 18 teams will appear in the qualifying rounds. Each of the five international hockey zones have been given following quota in the qualifying round. Africa - 1 quota place Asia - 5 quota places; Europe - 8 quota places; Oceania - 0 quota places; Pan America - 4 quota places; Last three places will be given to teams winning the three Olympic qualifying rounds. The qualification system: Automatic qualifiers Host nation Great Britain; Africa - Champion at Africa Mens Olympic Qualifying Tournament; America - Cham at 16th Pan American Games (mens hockey event); Asia - Champ at 16th Asian Games (Pakistan); Europe - Champ at 13th Euro Hockey Nations Cship for Oceania - Champ at 7th Oceania Cup. Extra quota places In addition, based upon the ABN AMRO FIH Team Rankings, three extra quotas are allocated to different continents for direct qualification. For the 2012 Olympic Games mens hockey competition, the three extra quotas are allocated as follows: Europe: 2 extra quotas. Therefore, the next two highest placed teams (other than the Champion and the nominated National Association for Great Britain) of the 13th European Nations Championship qualify directly for the 2012 Olympics Games. Oceania: 1 extra quota. Therefore, the next highest placed team at the 7th Mens Oceania Cup qualifies directly for the 2012 Olympics Games, together with the Oceania Champion. However, if the nominated National Association for Great Britain wins the final of the 13th Euro Hockey Nations Championship for Men, a fourth extra quota becomes available, and, based upon the ABN AMRO FIH Team Rankings, this will be allocated to Europe. In this event, together with the nominated National Association for Great Britain, the silver and bronze medallist as well as the 4th placed team of the 13th Euro Hockey Nations Championship for Men will qualify directly for the 2012 Olympic Games. African Olympic qualifying tournament will be played a Bulawayo (Zimbabwe) September 2-11. Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Nageria, South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe. The winner will reach main Olympic round. The 7th Oceania Cup due to be played in Hobart( Australia) from October 5 to 9.