LAHORE Crimes Investigation Agency (CIA) police on Thursday claimed to have arrested two kidnappers who had abducted the student of Lahore School of Economics (LSE) from Barki police area in January this year and later released him after getting Rs 2.35 million as ransom. According to a police spokesman, the CIA police arrested two gangsters identified as Tayyab Hussain and his cousin Nadeem Hussain and also recovered ransom amount and illegal weapons from their possession. Police said that the kidnappers had abducted 22-year-old Muhammad Zian-ul-Abdin, a BBA student at LSE, while he was on his way home from the college. The Barki police had registered the case on January 17, 2011. Meanwhile, a police team carried out a successful raid and arrested the gangsters. The kidnappers have confessed to the police investigators that they had abducted him at gunpoint for ransom. Further investigations are underway.