LAHORE Many renowned poets associated with the Halqa-e-Arbab-e-Zauq (the largest non-political literary circle of Urdu writers) have announced support for Ghulam Hussain Sajid, who is running for the secretarys slot in the annual election 2011-12. On Thursday, these poets, in a meeting chaired by Syed Ali Iftikhar Jafferi (a sitting DSP), unanimously decided to extend support to Ghulam Hussain Sajid. This decision has been taken for the betterment of the Urdu literature and poetry, and the welfare of the poet community, Jafferi said. The election, he added, would be held on May 29 at Aiwan-e-Iqbal Auditorium. Seasoned poets and scholars including Wajahat Masood, Muhammed Khalid, Ibrar Ahmed, Sami Ahuja, Tanvir Jahan and Arif Waqar were among the participants.