The fact that a well known British magazine Economist has advised the Obama Administration to use its influence to pressurise New Delhi to settle the Kashmir issue shows that the Western intelligentsia, particularly its more conscientious segments, are now beginning to get pretty much perturbed over the conflict and want its amicable resolution as soon as possible. In all conscience, the Kashmir conflict is a veritable nuclear flashpoint whose unresolved nature is not only a danger to the people of South Asia but the entire world, and hence the worry expressed by the magazine. It is quite clear that India will only listen to the US, even though its leaders continue to call as their integral part. And the fact that Pakistan is serious in living as a peaceful neighbour and intends to move towards a speedy solution of the core issue is evident from the statement of IG of Border Security Force Chattopadhyay who stated quite categorically that Pakistan was not involved in cross-border terrorism. This admission should now put at ease the Indian leaders who are, round the clock, engaged in badmouthing Islamabad as a state sponsor of terrorism. But it is a pity that the Indian governments attitude remains unchanged, and recent developments along the border tend to show that it only wants to tighten its stranglehold on Kashmir. Just the other day, India put its forces on high alert, cancelled leaves of the soldiers and simultaneously the Air Force commander of the Western Command toured held Kashmir to inspect operational preparedness of the forces, as if it was going to war. Now that the longstanding charge that Pakistan is involved in cross-border terrorism has been rebutted by none other than IG of BSF, the Indian government must give up its accusatory mode and sincerely focus on resolving the Kashmir dispute so that lasting peace can be established in South Asia.