ISLAMABAD - A three-member bench of the Supreme Court on Thursday reissued notices to federation in a case for declaring the appointment of Ogra chairman illegal. Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) Executive Director Muhammad Yasin has filed a petition through Mian Abdual Rauf against Ogra chairman Tauqir Sadiq. Notices were reissued to federation through Establishment Division Secretary, Cabinet Division Secretary, Senior Joint Secretary and Additional Secretary and to Ogra chairman as none of them appeared before the court on Thursday. The petitioner pleaded that Tauqir Sadiq was involved in malpractices, favouritism, discrimination and corruption. He maintained that during his appointment as Ogra chairman, not a single criterion was followed whereas his LLM degree was also in question. He further contended that law clearly provides that the Ogra chairman must be a person of known integrity and eminence with proven experience of more than 20 years in the relevant filed, but violation of Ogra Ordinance was made in incumbent chairmans appointment. The petitioner maintained that record of Ogra is full of malfunctioning on account of illegal acts of commission and omission, seriously affecting the regulation of oil and gas sector in Pakistan. The petitioner said that present chairman would intentionally delay CNG cases files for months until the applicants approached his office, whereas he also adjourned cases hearings without any plausible reason. The hearing was adjourned till 1st June, 2011.