LAHORE Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has given approval to a comprehensive policy for the conservation of electricity in the province. Under the policy air-conditioners in public offices shall be started at 11 am, and thermostats shall be kept at a minimum temperature of 26 degree Celsius. Only 50 per cent of lights installed in public offices will be turned on and no electrical appliances such as computers, printers and lights are to be left on once officers have left the offices. Officers shall be responsible for ensuring correct usage of electrical appliances in their respective offices. Usage of street lights shall be decreased by turning off 2 in 3 lights across the province. Local Government/TMAs/Development Authorities in conjunction with the Distribution Companies shall be responsible for implementing this policy. Extra caution shall be paid to ensure that street lights are switched off after daybreak. District Government/TMAs/Development Authorities shall be responsible for ensuring timely turning-off the street lights. Street lights in Government Officers Residences shall be treated in the same fashion as street-lighting in other parts of the cities. Commissioners shall ensure compliance of street-light usage in GORs. Extra lights on the entry gates of GORs shall be kept off. Commissioner, Lahore Division and Additional Secretary (Welfare), S&GAD shall be responsible for ensuring compliance in Lahore while for the rest of the Province, DCOs concerned shall ensure compliance. Illumination of billboards, neon-signs and hoarding shall not be permitted except those energised by solar panels. Commissioners and DCOs will implement this ban in their respective Divisions and Districts. Decorative lighting on buildings, trees, fountains and canals shall be turned off. The PHA shall be responsible for the implementation of this decision in Lahore. DCOs shall implement the same policy in other cities of the Province. Illumination of CNG stations / petrol pumps and other lighting of major restaurants shall be decreased to a bare minimum. Action shall be taken by the Police, Local Government and Highway Patrol against non-compliant stations. Illumination in wedding functions shall not be permitted. Only bare-minimum lighting will be used. A media campaign will be launched on electronic and print media to make the public more conscious of the energy crises and encourage energy conserving behaviour. Secretary IC&YA shall be responsible for launching an effective campaign.