NANKANA SAHIB - A trader has accused the Nankana City Police SHO of embezzling hundreds of thousands of rupees he recovered from the accused party. As per detail, Sheikh Ahmed Ali, son of Sh Amjad Ali, a resident of Grain market filed a complaint to the Nankana DPO against the City Police SHO for embezzling money recovered in a case FIR 36/11, registered on January 26, 2011. The recovery was made by the SHO without taking into confidence the investigation officer and the raid and recovery was carried out by sub-inspector Saadi Ahmed under the SHO orders. The accused party claims that the police have recovered Rs300,000 from them but the SHO is denying the claim, saying that he had only recovered Rs158,000 while the applicant was not given even half of the recovered amount so far. The accused party also claims that the SHO had recovered two pistols which had not been mentioned in the police record. Moreover, the applicant being a reputed businessman, held several meetings with the SHO, along with other business colleagues regarding the matter and recovery of the amount but all efforts proved futile, leaving him with no option but to file a complaint against the SHO. Several notables including the representatives of business community, lawyers, social, political and religious circles expressed their concern regarding the corruption and the indifference on the party of the SHO which had brought a bad name to the entire Police department. The applicant, hence, has accused the SHO to have embezzled the recovered amount and has appealed to the Punjab IG and DIG Shiekhupura Range to provide him justice and take strict action against the blatant corruption an officer of the department.