Medical experts have cautioned that diarrhea cases could compound among children due to changing weather patterns and anticipated rains as dozens of such cases are being reported in different hospitals on daily basis. Parents must feed their children with boiled water and children affected with diarrhea immediately be reported at hospitals. In case of negligence, the childs health can turn worse. These were the views shared by various child health experts while talking to PPI. Executive Director, National Institute of Child Health (NICH), Prof. Dr. Jamaal Raza said scores of children die due to diarrhea for having failed to get timely treatment. The disease usually surfaces in summer season. He said currently 50 children are being reported at NICH infested with the diarrhea every day. He advised parents to provide their children with fresh edibles including fruits and vegetables. Boiled water for drinking is well necessary for a sustainable child health. General Secretary Pakistan Pediatric Association Sindh and Assistant Professor at Civil Hospital Karachi (CHK) Dr Haseena Chugtai stressed upon parents to consult medical practitioners if diarrhea symptoms emerge as it also reduces the body water. Gulping down unhygienic food and drinking contaminated water begets the diarrhea. She said the 'Diarrhea Treatment Unit at CHK operates round the clock where children were provided with free-of-cost treatment. She said minors must be given Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) water in the current season especially, while lime water could also be used, she said. In-charge, Child Diseases Department, Liaqat National Hospital (LNH) Prof. Sameena Shamim highlighted that diarrhea was the second major cuase of childrens mortality in the world. Children get affected with the disease as they drink rain-infested water, while such causes need immediate attention, added Dr. Sameena. She apprised that about 50 children were being reported at Out Patients Department (OPDs) of LNH on daily basis infected with diarrhea and other diseases, while emergency patients are excluded of it. Child specialist at Sindh Government Children Hospital, North Nazimabad Dr. M.A Waheed told more than 70 diarrhea-infected children report to his hospital daily, while 40 of them needed immediate attention. He recommended the use of yogurt, banana and clean boiled water.