ISLAMABAD - Ufone, the leader in innovation, recently launched a mobile handset by the name of 'Uth Futura. Once again Ufone has proven to be a pioneer in presenting the latest technology to the Pakistani market, says a press release issued here on Thursday. With the introduction of 'uth Futura, Ufone has presented a plethora of online opportunities for customers in partnership with PTCL. This unique handset has the ability to replace cutting edge technology with its unique features and hi speed internet. Uth Futura is a dual mode GSM+EVDO handset which gives the user lightning fast 3G internet speed of up to 3.1Mbps and the ability to make calls, socialize and stream online videos. The high speed internet is in collaboration with PTCL EVO, the handset has inbuilt data services which will use the same network as any PTCL EVO user in the country.