A promotion is the advancement of an employee's position in an organizational hierarchy. Organizations promote their employees in order to recognize their good performances. As many factors come into play while the decision of promotion is taken, performance comes first as it provides the very basis for employees existence in the organization and measures employees contribution towards overall organizational objectives. National Bank of Pakistan, the largest commercial bank in the country, which employs the highest number of personnel in the banking industry, however does not agree with the notion that performance be the basis for promotion. The Bank has adopted a Promotion Policy for the Management Trainees that none of the matured organizations have put in place. In accordance with the policy, a number of officers who work with zeal and fervour are denied promotions only because they, in a certain time period, could not attain JAIBP - a banking diploma that is not given much weightage (specially in promotions) by any other bank in the country. It makes one wonder how in this age of fine advancements in Human Capital Management when organizations around the globe endeavour to adopt best HR practices, the management of NBP a huge organization can so inhumanly disregard all efforts and hard work of their dedicated employees who had played a vital role in improving the customer services and image of the Bank and are praised by their colleagues and customers alike This is equivalent to encouraging employees not to value their work but to focus their studies for JAIBP in order to get a promotion Should the management trainees adapt to the idea?? We, the management trainees, would like to ask the human resource professionals in the country if the Promotion Policy for Management Trainees practiced by our Bank is reasonable. We would also like to question our banks Human Resource Chief what value do JAIBP qualified bankers add to the organization. Wouldnt it be better to encourage the management trainees to go for international certifications and foreign degrees and promote them on the basis of their performance? By not promoting those who do not qualify JAIBP, the management is creating unrest across the board. The hardworking young bankers, who are not promoted, are left with no choice but to leave the Bank and join banks/organizations where they are admired for their work. Time and again we have requested the Honourable President Syed Ali Raza to reconsider the policy and give us chance to prove our worth on the basis of our performance. We once again request the Bank President to intervene in the matter and review the policy and put an end to the ordeal of all affected officers. Affected NPP management trainee officers, May 26.