LAHORE – Lahore High Court Chief (LHC) Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed said on Saturday that people should make endeavours to overcome hurdles in the way of their advancement and personal growth.

Addressing a farewell ceremony held in his honour by the Punjab Bar Council (PBC), Saeed said that he succeeded as the LHC chief justice owing to his penchant for breaking stillness and stagnation.

The Chief justice suggested to the participants that an advocate could learn in three different ways: from senior lawyers, by watching others argue in the courts and by studying in libraries.

“I congratulate the PBC that one of its license-holders is being elevated to the Supreme Court of Pakistan as a judge,” he remarked. Saeed reiterated that there should be unity between bar and bench, so that all problems could be effectively solved.

Speaking on the occasion, Justice Umar Ata Bandial, the designated chief justice of the LHC, said that the legal community should be tolerant since this way it would be able to better serve the country.

“A few people create disturbances for the legal fraternity and blame this esteemed profession. The most important thing is that we maintain discipline within the legal fraternity,” Bandial suggested.

PBC Vice President Malik Ghulam Abbas Naswana, the host of the ceremony, appreciated the role of Chief Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed and also expressed his best wishes for the designated chief justice of the LHC.

A large number of senior lawyers and LHC judges working at the principal seat of Lahore were also present on this occasion.