BAHAWALNAGAR - About 85 percent out of the 300,000 people of Bahawalanagar have no access to potable water and unpolluted air, it is learnt.

The story of shortage of canal water is regretful as through Indus River Water  Treaty with India, the then rulers had deprived Bahawalnagar district of its canal water share while underground water in the district is at very low level and brackish. Thus, the district is facing great hardships for irrigation. However, the issue is not being discussed by the authorities.

Waterworks were installed about 55 years ago for the population but now the number of people of the district has increased. As many as 42 tubewells are functioning at Fordwah Canal   while 6 water filtration plants operating according to Tehsil Muncipal Administarion officer. The officer said that a special squad was always available to remove the leakage of water supply pipeline and complaint centre was working round the clock at the TMA Fire Brigade Centre for entertaining the complaints of the citizen regarding water supply. However, he admitted that pipelines had been outdated and rusted, thus the frequent complaints of the citizen that polluted water was being supplied to them through damaged pipelines passing under the drains are the order of the day.

He added that due to shortage of funds, the TMA could not remove the defected pipelines in the town. The authorities concerned have admitted the genuine problem of the citizen as majority of them are going drinkable water and are compelled to drink contaminated water which is causing outbreak of epidemic disease such as Cholera, diarrhea, gastro and other stomach ailments.

Doctor Mohammad Ali Shah at the DHQ Hospital observed that a number of people were suffering from stomach and liver diseases due to the use of contaminated water. He added that the authorities should take the notice of matter and cope with the situation. Mohammad Rafique, a resident of Regran Basti, said that the situation in the town was woeful as the citizens were forced to take polluted water. He said that the authorities had turned a deaf ear to their complaints.

Sheikh Mohammad Ramzan of Madina Town said that the ‘city fathers’ should get up from slumber and should made arrangements to supply clean water to the citizen.