PESHAWAR – The workers of a Peshawar-based welfare organisation staged a protest demonstration and demanded of police high-ups to take action against ‘kidnapers’ and bulldoze their houses within three days.

Led by Haji Jalat Kha, Haji Sangeen Khan, Mohammad Hussain, the rally was staged in front of Peshawar Press Club. Holding banners, the protesters chanted slogans against the ‘kidnapers’.

Addressing on the occasion, the protesters said that the alleged kidnapers were involved in kidnapping of contractor Shakeel Khan.

They said that the gang includes Syed Wali, Ahmad Khan and taeeb who are the resident of Union Council Sori Zai.

They said that the kidnapers have been escaped from their house while their properties still exist in the area.

They demanded of the police high ups to demolish the houses of these kidnapers otherwise the elders of the area would interfere in the matters.