After Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s assertion in an interview with a foreign news channel that he holds General Musharraf responsible for the murder of his mother, the ongoing case against him should receive a fresh impetus. On the other hand, the General maintains that the killers of Benazir are allies in governance of the country. However, it is also expected that a serious effort will now be made to bring the General back to the country and made to hear the charges against him. Being the son of the slain prime minister, Bilawal’s suspicion on General Musharraf carries weight. However, the serious approach that is required from the party Mr Bilawal heads to unravel the mystery of the murder has been lacking; it has been procrastinating over the years. And Mr Bilawal cannot escape the blame.

As an FIR was registered, it is now up to him to take the investigation to its logical conclusion. Whether it is the General or anyone else, the riddle ought to have been solved in the past four years that the PPP has been in power. It is of little use merely naming the killers, and practically doing nothing to bring them back to face the investigators and the courts. Already tremendous resources have been expended to carry out the UN probe as well as local investigations but letting these reports gather dust is also criminal. Since Musharraf’s red warrants have been issued, it is the PPP setup’s primary obligation to see to it that he is repatriated. Benazir’s murder mystery and the ongoing inaction by her party has also upset the people. Further foot-dragging would erode PPP’s credibility.