On the 50th day of continued rescue operation to recover the bodies of 140 soldiers and civilians trapped in Gayari sector of Siachen glacier, body of one soldier was recovered on Sunday.

The recovered body of a solider was shifted to Gomal Army hospital.

The soldier has been identified as Shaheed Muhammad Hussain who hails from Skardu.

The funeral prayer of Muhammad Hussain who was buried under the avalanche has been offered. Sources said that body of the soldier was sent to his native village for burial.

There are reports of recovering of another body but the military sources have not confirmed yet while more recoveries are expected in next few days.

Clearance efforts are continuing round the clock since the avalanche hit the camp.

Sources said that rescue officials working round the clock to recover the 140 soldiers and civilians buried by an avalanche on April 7, had first discovered a check post for the residential barracks of soldiers.

The last official dispatch from Inter-Services Public Relations on May 22, said that clearance efforts were underway round the clock.

Simultaneous efforts are being undertaken to tackle effects of water on the site in the shape of ponds, cutting and crevasses. The water has started draining and has resulted in quick reduction of water levels in the lake up to 27 feet.

Excavation work has resumed its full pace despite difficulties posed by seepage of the water at the sites, hazards of crevasses, cutting by water and sinking effects for digging equipment.

Meanwhile during physical inspection of the area, some equipment had been found.

ISPR had reported that Ground Penetrating Rader (GPR) teams took readings at 26 different points and identified eight sites for further search.

“A 300-feet long course has been hauled over the avalanche for restoration of the channel by employing dozers,” the release quoted an official.

More than 450 rescuers, including foreign teams, have been working in sub-zero temperatures at the site since the incident.