ISLAMABAD  – Owing to three-day weekly CNG closure under gas shortage management plan, commuters in the twin cities have been facing inconvenience to reach their destination, as public transporters do not complete their specified routes.

A large number of commuters could be seen waiting for public transport at various bus stops in twin cities, which cause trouble to them as the transporters are fleecing the public, but the relevant authorities have turned a blind eye to the matter of pubic concern.

They said that on the pretext of gas load-shedding at CNG stations, the public transporters of the twin cities did not ply their vehicles and those which operate also did not complete their routes due to which commuters faced problems to reach their destinations.

The owners of the public transport plying between the two cities were keeping their vehicles off the road soon before the sun set, who operate usually overcharge in the name of closure of CNG stations.

It is pertinent to mention here during the three-day CNG closure most of the public transport vehicles remained off the roads before sun-set, while the cabbies demand high fares.

Commuters were of the view that transporters were already charging excess amount as they were using CNG at cheaper rates, adding that as they are already facing great ordeal due to skyrocketing prices of the essential items, the CNG closure adds insult to their injuries.

Buses, wagons and rickshaws demanded inflated fares from them due to which wagon drivers and commuters were often seen arguing over fare in different parts of the city, as wagon conductors were charging Rs5 to 10 excess fares on the pretext of non-availability of CNG.

The citizens demanded the government to devise CNG closure under gas shortage load management plan on alternate days in the twin cities in order to facilitate the masses.