ISLAMABAD  – In order to curb the issuance of fake domiciles, the interior ministry had introduced new computerised domicile project but despite the passage of two years the district administration has failed to remove the faults from computer software designed for the project.

Earlier, Assistant Commissioner Farid-ud-Din had claimed that the new computerised domicile system would help curb the issuance of fake domiciles on July 2010.

He said that featured paper had been introduced for computerised domicile from Security Printing Corporation bearing security code, adding that the paper could not be printed from somewhere else. The project of computerised domicile was meant to stop counterfeit domicile. 

The new computerised domicile project remained operational for just one month and was closed due to technical faults in computer software designed for the project.

A district administration official said that 50-60 applications from Islamabad are received for obtaining domicile on daily basis. Former General Secretary of Islamabad Bar Association, Riasat Ali Azad talking to INP said that computerised domicile could not be started and concerned authorities are issuing domicile on the old process so far.