An entrepreneur is an opportunist that means he has an eye to identify a problem and I more importantly has a solution, also has resources. Well you don’t need to be ‘Born’ with some superman abilities to become an Entrepreneur.  Entrepreneurship is a lot more than just starting a business.

It is a process of I solving a problem with the help of some innovation. Because if you keep on following the market trend, you are bound to fail. Entrepreneurs are innovative minds that don’t need capital as others. They emphasis on the cognitive powers and rule out with phrase like “An idea can change your life”. Their specialty is creativeness rather than big daddy’s pocket so they make it possible one way or the other.

The entrepreneurial journey begins with the discovery of an opportunity that just be ripe for pursuit. Before raising money and gathering other necessary resources, however, savvy entrepreneurs give careful scrutiny to the opportunity itself, ensuring themselves that the opportunity stands a decent chance of survival and that they won’t waste months or years of their lives -not to mention their precious I entrepreneurial talent- chasing a fundamentally flawed idea..

Opportunities aren’t lying around like lost coins on the pavement, waiting to be picked up by a random passer- by.For example Celtel’s Terry Rhodes Mo Ibrahim saw for mobile telephones in Africa at a time when pel’ capita incomes suggested that African consumers would not be able to afford mobile phones.

– Bakhtawar Salim